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mio TV Channel Descriptions


Channel Descriptions


VOOM HD is the world's first channel created exclusively for high definition. All of VOOM HD's programming is broadcast commercial free in 1080i high definition with Dolby Digital, delivering 6 channels of surround sound, enveloping the viewer in the most immersive television experience possible. With an unparalleled library of HDTV content culled from 15 original channels, VOOM HD offers brilliantly produced programs on topics as diverse as fashion, adventure, luxury lifestyle, travel, music and the arts. VOOM is “All HD All The Time”, it's the biggest package of 24/7 HD content available. EQUATOR HD is the first and only high-definition channel that captures the intriguing and visually stunning sights and sounds of the world's most unique people and places.

EQUATOR HD features an eclectic mix of breathtaking documentaries, films and video essays that capture the most incredible world destinations and offer a rarely seen glimpse inside fascinating cultural traditions as seen through the eyes of people who call these places "home." Viewers hear the people of the world in their own words, and visit extraordinary landscapes that speak for themselves. Premiering exclusively on Equator HD is the award-winning “North Face Expedition Series”. This series combines super-human feats of athleticism with super-human acts of kindness and takes viewers to some of the world’s most remote and visually spectacular locations.

Sling HD is the first Made-by-Singapore High Definition channel. It is a new 24/7 channel dedicated to action sports, computer gaming and the youth culture surrounding them. The channel showcases nonstop action from wakeboarding to cliff diving and sky-diving to street driving. Home to avid gamers, professionals and enthusiasts alike, Sling HD’s line up includes top teams battling it out at international tournaments, online shoot-outs to documentaries, features, previews and reviews. Sling HD is the channel for those who take both reality and virtual reality to the extreme. Whether you are a true Page 1/11 adrenaline junkie, hardcore gamer, or someone waiting to unleash your wilder side, you can live vicariously ALL through Sling HD.


Sony Entertainment Television
SET is Asia’s first English entertainment channel dedicated to the smart, stylish and sophisticated 20-35 year old career-women. Featuring popular programmes from top USA TV networks and more, this new channel will tantalize and spice up your life. Enjoy the hottest and latest dramas, sitcom comedies, reality and infotainment series available exclusively on SET.


Trying to get your kids to enjoy learning Mandarin? Watch Taiwan’s number 1 kids’ Chinese channel! ETTV YOYO is an educational and fun channel which creates a great learning environment for kids through award-winning programmes. The Singaporean family can also enjoy programmes specially tailored to them - programmes that are produced and presented in English to create more effective and faster learning among the Singaporean kids. Some of their flagship programmes include “YOYO DIY” and “YOYO Classroom”.

Luli -The Channel for Babies
Singapore’s first channel for babies has arrived. Luli is a unique new channel targeting an audience of babies from a few months to two-years of age. Luli’s content has been carefully designed with the expertise of renowned child development experts to meet toddlers’ developmental needs, to encourage active viewing and to strengthen the parent-child bond. The channel offers a comprehensive schedule Page 2/11 that features the best of toddler’s content from around the world and hosts an array of beloved characters. Luli’s programming introduces toddlers to colours, numbers, art, music and movement in an age appropriate, commercial-free and nurturing environment where curiosity, imagination, and discovery can thrive.

CBeebies (Available from 29th July 2007)
CBeebies is created specially for pre-schoolers. The UK’s number 1 children's channel is a proven success, with an emphasis on educational entertainment. Supported by core BBC values that make the channel trustworthy, reliable, informative and educational, CBeebies provides a safe haven where children aged 0-6 are encouraged to learn through play. With bright colours, friendly characters and a programming line-up that caters to every part of their development you can trust CBeebies to give your little ones a fun, interactive and educational head start in life.


BBC Knowledge (Available from 29th July 2007)
BBC Knowledge showcases the best of the BBC’s renowned, award-winning factual and documentary programming. Explore and experience the world like you've never seen it before, with in-depth storytelling and state-of-the-art production. Featuring some of the most captivating real world programming, this is the channel where facts from the past, present and future come together to broaden viewer's horizons. BBC Knowledge celebrates its worldwide launch in Singapore and is exclusive to mio TV!

BBC Lifestyle (Available from 29th July 2007)
BBC Lifestyle will inspire viewers to get more out of life. From cooking shows to self-improvement guides, and from programmes to help you to transform your home and wardrobe, to series about improving your health and family life - BBC Lifestyle is a unique entertainment destination . BBC Lifestyle celebrates its worldwide launch in Singapore and is exclusive to mio TV!


Dragon TV
Tune in to the modern and international channel under Shanghai Media Group, one of the strongest media groups in China. This is the first time the channel is launched in Singapore, exclusively on mio TV. Keep up to date with high quality news and current affairs programs. Learn about the latest entertainment gossip and unwind with Dragon TV's lifestyle, variety and sports programs, all spiced up with Shanghai's unique modern style. Over the years, Dragon TV has successfully created many popular shows such as the reality men’s competition “Hero” and reality singing contest “My Show”.

CCTV-4 is a satellite channel mainly serving Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas audiences. Specializing in news reports, CCTV-4 presents domestic and international news events in a timely, objective and intensive way. It also delivers entertainment, educational and consulting services. The channel was launched on October 1, 1992. For years, it has won a high reputation among Chinesespeaking audiences around the world thanks to its high level of culture, relevance and authority. From January 1, 2007 CCTV-4 broadcasts with three different editions (Asian/European/American Edition), presenting more colorful programs to audience from different countries.

KBS World
KBS World is a global television channel coming from Korea’s largest broadcaster, Korean Broadcasting System (KBS). With non-stop 24 hours streaming of Korea’s most successful programs, KBS World is the one and only television channel that offers live Korean Wave programming. Catch the latest Korean dramas only weeks after their debut broadcast in Korea! All programmes are in Korean, and most are subtitled in English. Viewers in Asia are strong supporters of the high quality programs offered by KBS, particularly its television dramas. Today, KBS World is not just for Koreans but for all around the world. KBS World is also a source of unique, balanced and independent viewpoints on global events.

Zee Channel
Indian entertainment driven by great production quality, high suspense drama, and the best of Bollywood entertainment for non Hindi-understanding audiences of South East Asia. Zee Channel has a wide variety of dramas, comedies, news bulletins, documentaries and Bollywood blockbuster movies, with programming subtitled in Bahasa Melayu. Expect soap dramas, sitcoms, fashion, movies and music programmes. It’s non-stop entertainment, Bollywood style!


Zee Muzic
Zee Muzic is the 24-hours Music channel offering the latest Bollywood songs, music videos, interviews and infotainment. The first ever Hindi Music Channel to be launched in Singapore, exclusively on mio TV! Music fans from across the globe – whether you are the urban youth looking for peppy music and attitude-driven programming, or the trendy housewife wanting to relive your teenage days with classic Hindi music – satisfy your cravings on Zee Muzic! Be compelled for non-stop entertainment with Zee Muzic’s wide variety of content driven by constant innovation and ideation.


ETTV Asia News
ETTV Asia News is a 24-hours Asian satellite news channel specially created for, and dedicated to viewers within Asia. To cater to the needs of viewers from different countries, ETTV Asia News’ professional news team gathers the latest breaking news and happenings from around the world and brings you in-depth analysis of current affairs by experts in the field. The dedicated channel also brings you 10 categories of news programming to satisfy your thirst of global happenings and events. ETTV Asia News’ global vision offers a variety of news analyses and viewpoints in the areas of politics, economy, society, arts and lifestyles. Be informed by a team of prominent and experienced anchors who have done in-depth interviews with world leaders such as Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Lee Kuan Yew.

CCTV English Channel (CCTV-9) is the first television channel in China to serve mainstream overseas audience. Officially launched on September 25, 2000, CCTV-9 reports news and information to its global audience, while delivering other programs including culture, entertainment and documentaries. Available around the world 24 hours a day and seven days a week through DTH and cable network system via several satellites, CCTV-9 opens a window for the global audience to understand China better.


Mei Ah Movies Channel (Asia)
Mei Ah Movies Channel (Asia) is the first-ever, one and only Cantonese Movies Channel in Singapore, premiering exclusively on mio TV. Also for the first time ever, selected movies will be shown at the SAME TIME as cinematic releases! Be blown away by this 24/7 Asian Movies Channel featuring blockbuster movies from Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and the rest of Asia. Expect to see recent movie releases such as “Happy Birthday”, “Death Note 1 and 2”, award-winning shows like “PTU”, and classic comedies from Stephen Chow and Andy Lau. And not forgetting latest blockbusters featuring top Asian megastars like Andy Lau, Jackie Chan, Eason Chan, TWINS, Tony Leung and Chow Yun Fatt on Mei Ah Movies Channel (Asia). Most movies are available in dual sound with subtitles for your enjoyment. With this huge selection of non-stop entertainment at your fingertips, you will never be bored again

Rent-A-Pack (On Demand Channel)

From romance to comedy, action to mystery, and horror to drama, PIX gives viewers the best blockbuster movies from Sony Pictures. Enjoy this new on demand channel which showcases 20 on demand movies every month for less than $1 per movie. The blockbuster line-up includes “Charlie's Angels”, “Spider-Man”, “Maid in Manhattan” and “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines”. Enjoy these exciting titles in the comfort of your home!

Spine-tingling and adrenaline-pumping thrillers await you on demand. This new action-oriented on demand channel serves up a buffet of the best Sony Pictures' movie thrillers. 20 on demand movies are made available every month for less than $1 per movie. Choose from “Hollywood Homicide” , “Godzilla”, “Panic Room”, “The One” and many other heart-thumping titles!

Mei Ah Movies On Demand
The best of Asian movies are here for your viewing, on an unlimited basis! With 25 Asian movies and 10 new titles each month, Mei Ah Movies On Demand brings you the movies you love, and at anytime you want to watch them! You can choose to watch the movies in their original language, or use the dual sound option to view them in Chinese if available. Expect to see exciting new movies only months after their debut launch in the cinemas!

Formosa TV
For the first time ever, you will be able to watch the latest prime time dramas still on air in Taiwan, and view them in original Taiwanese (Hokkien) language, exclusively on mio TV! Keep yourself entertained with Formosa TV’s exciting and fresh content! The channel presents the number 1 rated drama “Love” with the King and Queen of Taiwan drama Chen Meifeng and Huang Shixian. Or see how bikini babes escape the harsh training and criticism of the Xiao Song Xiao Bai brothers to emerge as Taiwan’s next top model in reality TV series “New Star Survivor”. Then laugh to your heart’s content with the top-rated variety show “Variety Big Winner” hosted by Hu Gua.

WorldSport HD
WORLDSPORT HD delivers high definition sports programmes from around the globe. Be it a look back into the history of Monster Trucks or revealing the heart and soul of alpine racing at the World Cup Alpine Circuit, WorldSport HD brings entertainment, fascination and the glory of international sports into your home. The on demand channel features insider's perspective documentaries that showcase the athlete's personalities, along with the coaching, preparation, and festivities surrounding world-class sporting events. These documentaries offer a unique blend of storytelling, offering a compelling and credible take on international sports. WorldSport HD is the ideal complementary service for all sports fans.

Mom-on-Demand is Singapore’s first video on demand channel dedicated to programmes about parenting from the womb to the classroom. It offers an array of locally produced short programmes as well as halfhour documentaries and international productions from around the globe. The different programme lengths are designed to cater to busy moms who may only have small pockets of time for television viewing, as is the video on demand format. Viewers not only get to choose what they want to watch, but also when they want to watch it. In addition to the television channel, Mom-on-Demand is also a website –, which offers a support community to moms and all care-givers alike.

Hong Kong Dramas
Run your own Hong Kong drama marathon without having to wait for its nightly or weekly TV broadcast! Watch the latest dramas in original Cantonese, where some are even available before their debut broadcast in Hong Kong, exclusively on mio TV! First to premiere is the latest Hong Kong drama series “Tales of Walled Village”, currently still on-air in Hong Kong. Featuring well-known veterans like Li Xiang Qin and Lu Hai Peng, this long running sitcom drama has viewers in Hong Kong glued to their seats every evening. Join these fans as you can now view the series on demand in Singapore! Kick back and let Chen Qi Tai (Ken Chan) bring you around in “Start from Hong Kong” and travel different parts of China in search of information and entertainment.

MobTV Select (Available Aug 2007)
Now you can watch an entire blockbuster drama series before it premieres on local TV and watch exclusive sneak previews before the entire nation sees it on Channel 5, 8 or U! Even if you missed an episode, you can finally get them all here! Special premiere titles include upcoming hits like “Falling In Love” and "Like Father Like Daughter”. Plus, all your all-time favorite MediaCorp classics such as “Return of the Condo Heroes”, “The Champion”, “Phua Chu Kang” and “Under One Roof” and the best selections of MediaCorp MOBTV are now on mio TV’s MOBTV Select! Catch the best of your favorite English and Chinese dramas, sitcoms and more, ANYTIME you want it in your own comfort on MOBTV Select!

Jetix On Demand (Available Aug 2007)
Jetix On Demand is filled with pure action and adventure shows that are full of cheeky humor set in fantastic worlds targeted at kids aged 6 to 14. Kids can now enjoy Jetix animation with shows like “Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! ”, “W.I.T.C.H.”, “A.T.O.M.” and “Get Ed”.

Free To Air Channels

Channel 5
Channel 5 is Singapore’s top English station, providing highly-rated and award-winning local productions such as PCK Pte Ltd, Maggi & Me, Parental Guidance, Singapore Idol and Deal or No Deal. Top Hollywood programmes are seen “First On 5” eg Prison Break, Ugly Betty and American Idol. It also airs prestigious sports events such as the SEA Games and Summer Olympics Channel 5 is also available on HD platform – HD 5, which is a simulcast of Channel 5 with programmes enhanced display on HD-Ready TV sets.

Channel 8
MediaCorp TV Channel 8, one of the four channels under MediaCorp TV, is the most watched TV channel in Singapore. The 24-hour channel is also a market leader in Chinese entertainment and information in the region. MediaCorp TV Channel 8 captures the pulse of city living and caters to both the viewing needs of families as well as the sophisticated and discerning urban market. Popular shows like “Star Awards” and the “Lunar New Year Countdown Variety Special” are annual highlights. Local productions have propelled homegrown artistes. Marathon dramas like “Holland V” and “Double Happiness” have charmed many Singaporeans, while current affairs programmes such as “Frontline”,” Focus”, “News 8 At 10” and “Singapore Today” keep viewers up-to-date with the latest news and information.

Channel U
MediaCorp TV Channel U is one of the four channels under MediaCorp TV. As a Chinese news and entertainment channel for young adults and working professionals. MediaCorp TV Channel U is known for its popular acquired serials from Asia -- but even more so for the freshness, vivacity and depth in its critically acclaimed local programming, such as teens forum “Shoot!”, “Find Me A Singaporean”, as well as talent search programmes Project SuperStar and SuperHost.

Media Corp TV12 Suria (“Sun”) transmits a unique mix of programmes to reflect the unique views, culture and lifestyles of Malay Singaporeans. MediaCorp TV12 Suria’s positioning, “Shines”, reflects the channel's desire to be the heartbeat of the Malay community, networking closely with them and understanding their needs and aspirations.

MediaCorp TV12 Central consists of three Channels with their own distinct personalities, Kids, Arts and Vasantham Central, each catering to specific demographic groups. Kids Central, the one place for fun offers both entertaining and educational programmes inspiring children aged 4 to 12 years while Arts Central brings the best documentaries, lifestyle programmes, foreign films and performances from all over the world. Vasantham Central, meaning “spring” in Tamil projects the voice of the Indian community in Singapore and offers an array of variety programmes, prime time news, information and entertainment.

Channel NewsAsia
Established in March 1999, Channel NewsAsia positions itself as an Asian TV News channel, fully complemented by English and Chinese online portals that provide news and information on global developments with Asian perspectives. Channel NewsAsia brings viewers not only the latest news but also the stories behind the headlines. Based in Singapore, Channel NewsAsia reports from the major Asian and key Western cities, including New York, Washington D.C, London and Brussels., in English, and, in Chinese, are premier sources of real time news, videos, information and entertainment features and blogs for Asian professionals and executives working, living and investing in Asia. Updated throughout the day, the websites provide a truly interactive experience. The channel’s second feed, Channel NewsAsia (International), was launched in September 2000. Its satellite footprint stretches from the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia to Australia. Channel NewsAsia is now viewed in more than 20 territories across Asia.


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